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Cancer Council of Victoria

Skin cancer facts and figures 
Spot check – self examination fact sheet
Preventing skin cancer
Vitamin D – Safe sun exposure
Nano particles and sun screen
Sunburn (Better health channel)

Waverley General Practice

Waverley GP is an accredited Family Medical Practice located in the Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley area.
Committed to a high standard  of medical care in a courteous and friendly setting.
Ph. 9802 8155

Waverley Cosmetic Clinic

Non-surgical rejuvenation of the face with Botox,Dermal fillers,Microhydrabrasion, Chemical Peels and Skin Needling.
Ph. 91225221

Elina Medical Weight Loss Clinic

At Elina Medical Weight loss, our 3 step program and educational modules as designed to help you not only to  lose weight but more importantly to keep the weight off.

Call us on 9802 8155  for a 30 minute introduction consultation, fees apply.